Screen Printing

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What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing

Screen printing makes use of a stencil (or screen), and using this, layers of ink are applied to the printing surface, one at a time. For each new colour, a different screen is used.

How Do We Apply Screen Printing?

Rudd Macnamara operate four semi automatic Kippax screen printers and have a similar number of hand bench work stations. We also have a large format screen print machine.

Screen print is great for printing solid colours where four colour process printing does not necessarily deliver a suitable depth of colour. Screen printing can also adapt to a wide range of inks from different suppliers with different characteristics. This makes it possible to introduce specialist compound pigments to the inks to achieve very specific results.

When compared with digital print for example, it is not usually cost effective to switch inks once the digital equipment is up and running, so a certain amount of flexibility is sacrificed.

Benefits Of Screen Printed Nameplates

Rudd Macnamara offer screen printed nameplates and signs that provide excellent properties:

  • Full colour printing onto a wide range of materials
  • Excellent print quality
  • Extremely cost effective for large volumes
  • Send us your artwork in a variety of formats: PDF, AI, PSD, etc.

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