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What is Anodising?


Anodising is an electrochemical process that transforms aluminium surfaces into a durable anodic oxide coat with excellent protective and anti-corrosion properties.

How Do We Apply Anodising?


Rudd Macnamara specialise in high quality printed aluminium anodised nameplates. We are able print into the anodic coat using screen print for block colours, or digitally print for photographic quality four colour process images. This enables us to produce aluminium nameplates which are resilient to UV, solvents and abrasion.


This is a process where we combine our chemical etching capability with Ano-Print. By taking polished aluminium we can create contrasting matt areas to create fine detailed images.

Benefits of Printed & Anodised Nameplates

Rudd Macnamara offer anodised aluminium nameplates, badges and other products that provide enhanced properties:

  • Excellent resistance to UV, solvents and abrasion
  • Four colour process printing for photographic quality images
  • We anodise to DEF-STAN 03-25 / Sulphuric Acid Anodising (SAA)

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