Vacuum Formed & Printed Components

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Vacuum Formed & Printed Components
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Vacuum Formed & Printed Components

Our printed and vacuum formed components are a great way to stand out and introduce 3D aspects to your design

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Rudd Macnamara is a leading manufacturer of vacuum formed and printed components. Investment in our vacuum forming and printing technology means we can produce the printed 3D shape you're after.

We are also the number one independent manufacturer of bespoke font and front-of-bar branding for the brewery industry where we combine our expertise in vacuum forming and printing for exceptional results.

Our vacuum formed products are perfect for a wide range of applications including: Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Point of SaleSports & Lifestyle and Rail.

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Quality Certified Manufacturer of Vacuum Formed & Printed Components

Nameplate quality approvals

For over 125 years, quality has been core to everything we do. Details of our quality and industry approvals are provided below:

We're also members of the following industry associations:

  • Midland Aerospace Alliance
  • IAQG OASIS on-line database (OIN No. 6141911146)
  • EDI online links such as Exostar and Aerovantix


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We offer unrivalled capability for a wide range of industries with the ability to print onto a huge range of metal and plastic substrates to make bespoke industrial nameplates, rating plates, data plates, VIN plates, stickers, decals, small signs and labels of any description.

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