Vehicle VCA Type Approval Nameplates

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Vehicle VCA Type Approval Nameplates

Vehicle VCA Type Approval Nameplates
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Vehicle VCA Type Approval Plates

In partnership with the Vehicle Certification Agency we offer Vehicle Type Approval Nameplates that meet all of the legal & homologation requirements.

We cannot accept orders for replacement VIN plates from private individuals, car repair firms, or vintage car restorers.

We can only process orders from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and vehicle manufacturers who have the originating type approval. Customers who need a replacement VIN plate must contact the vehicle manufacturer. 

  • Sequential numbering available for identification purposes
  • Choose from printed anodised aluminium, stainless-steel or brass Type Approval Plates.
  • Use screen printing, digital printing, etch-and-fill or laser marking for a highly resilient product
  • Excellent resistance to UV, solvents and abrasion
  • Manufactured in the UK. Delivered worldwide

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When sending your enquiry, please advise how many you require, what sizes and thicknesses you would like, and how many colours you need.

If you're unsure of exactly what you require, then please provide as much information as you can, in order for us to better understand your requirements.

We cannot accept orders for replacement VIN plates from private individuals, car repair firms, or vintage car restorers.


Rudd Macnamara is the market leading manufacturer of VCA compliant type approval plates. Working in partnership with the VCA we have engineered a series of solutions to suit all requirements, whether they are to be applied directly to your vehicle's chassis and open to the elements or concealed within the vehicle.

We supply VIN plates, chassis plates, body and manufacturer plates, stage 2 converter plates and single vehicle approval plates.

Depending on your application we can include a range of adhesives or fixing holes to suit.

If you have a project in mind, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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Artwork Guidelines

We require all artwork to be sent in an editable Adobe Illustrator format (Ai, EPS, PDF etc.) although our artwork department will look at any files you wish to submit. All fonts need to be converted to outlines and any images included as part of the artwork need to be embedded within the artwork and saved to the highest resolution possible.

Some CAD platforms unfortunately do not export editable artwork to PDF. Created graphics can become a myriad of unconnected paths (rather than a font for instance) which need to be joined to enable the graphic to be used. Additional costs may be incurred if such files are supplied.

Our sales team will be happy to advise if you have any queries.

Colour Requirements
If colour matching is required a sample of the colour to match to will be needed otherwise the job colours will be determined by the artwork you send us.

Please note that colours take on a very different hue upon different substrates or when back illuminated upon a lens for instance. Where we are producing lenses on transparent material, in clear acrylic, we will colour match to the illuminated version. In this case, if you wish us to match for a non illuminated version then please bring this to our attention.

All photo files are required to be a minimum ¼ size at 300 dpi to enable the best possible print quality. We will refer back to you if we think the quality of the image will compromise the job.

Embossing and Debossing
For embossed/debossed jobs the artwork should include a separate layer so that it is clear from the artwork which areas are to be embossed/debossed. Embossing/debossing requires hard tooling to be manufactured so clarity here is important to allow the manufacturing process to run smoothly.

We will always send PDF proofs via email prior to commencement of the job. Please allow time within your schedule for the proofing process.


Quality Certified Manufacturer of Vehicle VCA Type Approval Nameplates

Nameplate quality approvals

For more than a century, quality has been core to everything we do. Details of our quality and industry approvals are provided below:

We're also members of the following industry associations:

  • Midland Aerospace Alliance
  • IAQG OASIS on-line database (OIN No. 6141911146)
  • EDI online links such as Exostar and Aerovantix
  • JOSCAR Certification


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