Plastic Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming & Printing

Vacuum Forming & Printing

We offer high quality plastic vacuum forming, plastic printing and in-mould labelling / decoration for a wide range of applications. Our printed and plastic vacuum formed labels and products can be used in point of sale displays, dispensing equipment, illuminated signage and any branding situations which require a high quality printed 3d image. Our vacuum formed panels are particularly well suited to back illuminated applications.

  • Four colour process print with sufficient ink and colour depth for vibrant illuminated images.
  • Combination of screen and digital print techniques are used which allow precise colour matching under illumination.
  • Carefully selected UV curing ink systems ensure excellent adhesion so they can withstand the stretch during the forming process but maintain the integrity of the image on the formed shape.
  • Print distortion techniques are used to ensure brand images are replicated to precisely match the artwork.
  • Unique wrapping processes are used to decorate injection moulded panels and 3d shapes and is a low cost alternative to processes such as in mould decoration.
  • A range of surface finishes can be achieved using either reverse or surface printed and the application of finishing lacquers.
  • Complex cut forms can be achieved using 5 axis CNC equipment.
  • More simple cut forms are achieved using laser and/or mechanical cutting.

There may be other examples of where our printed and vacuum formed plastic products can be used. All products are bespoke and are made to your specification. Not sure exactly what you need? Give our experienced sales team a call. They will be happy to advise.

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